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The Journey-of-One would be impossible to conceive without the unwavering love and steadfast support of my tightly-knit team, consisting of Yog Raj, Namgyal, and Ponni – the steadfast pillars of strength behind me.

Yogi, affectionately known by his friends and loved ones, is a natural outdoorsman hailing from the renowned Solang Valley in Manali, also recognized as the adventure valley of India. He began representing India in skiing at the age of 15 and has since become a professional mountain guide, ski instructor, rescue expert, and tandem paragliding pilot.


When he is not engaged in any outdoor pursuit, Yogi enjoys tending to his apple orchard.

Goba, a resilient outdoor professional hailing from the rugged terrain of Ladakh, is known for his leadership as the captain of the Indian Ice Hockey team. He has earned recognition as a reputable mountaineer, mountain guide, and rescue professional.

During periods when he is not engaged in expeditions, Goba enjoys skiing in the winter or partaking in white-water kayaking during the summer months.

Ponni wears multiple hats in the realms of creativity and design. As a professional miniature artist with a degree in Fashion Designing, she indulges in photography, cinematography, and creative design as her passions.

In her spare time outside the creative sphere, she loves to be outdoors, whether it's trekking or river rafting.



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